Employer Telephone Interview

Are you finding it difficult to balance your existing work load to enable you to interview candidates for urgent vacancies? Then perhaps you should review your selection process and refine your telephone screening interviews.

The benefits of a telephone interview:

  1.  Easier to cover more ground, and screen a wider range of candidates often discovering talent that would have been filtered out if using a face to face interview process.
  2.  Easier to “bail out” of the interview process if the candidate is not proving a close enough match.
  3.  Speed, candidates can be screened sooner (no need for them to book time off work or to travel to the interview).
  4.  Time saving, when moving to a face to face interview a well conducted pre interview via telephone will ensure that you only meet with candidates that have the essential skills that your organisation requires.

Telephone screening interviews – a structured approach.

The success of any telephone screening interviews is based upon ensuring a structured approach is used. This includes organising a well-planned 10-15 minute telephone conversation using competency based questions, which focus on the essential requirements of the position as agreed with the line manager.

Examples of good competency based “crunch” questions to ask could be:-

  • If recruiting for a Travel Negotiator with strong sales skills, then possibly the first “crunch” question should be “please explain your most significant sale made in your current position, explaining which closing tack you utilised”.
  • In a Production Management position a “crunch” question could be “please describe the most difficult people issue you have dealt with, commenting on the outcome and how you managed the issue through to conclusion”
    Using such a structured approach with well selected “crunch questions” will ensure that the correct talent is invited for face to face interviews, leaving more time to complete other urgent tasks.

How Akorn Recruitment can support

Why not work with us to produce a specific set of competency based “crunch” questions for each vacancy and let Akorn Recruitment conduct the telephone interviews, providing you with the candidates answers adding value to your recruitment process.

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