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If you would like to have your CV written professionally then look no further – Akorn Recruitment will write your CV for a fee of £40.

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As you can probably imagine, the team at Akorn view a lot of CVs. If your CV does not stand out immediately and catch our attention, the chances are that you won’t get contacted or interviewed as there are so many candidates with good CVs.


Like it or not, the CV is a selling document. A new employer is interested in what you can do for them. Highlighting your achievements is a great way to do this. Your track record is sometimes the only thing that a potential new employer has to look at when deciding whether to interview you or not. Make sure that your achievements are highlighted, not just your experience and skills.

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When we are searching for suitable candidates, one of the first things we do is to write up a list of skills and experience that an ideal candidate must have examples would be “CNC” “Fabrication”, “Production Management”, “SAGE Accounting”, “Word, Excel, PowerPoint”. If your CV isn’t optimised to include your key skills, experience, background and qualifications then we probably won’t find you.


The truth is that if your CV is good (and it is being placed correctly and you have the right experience and track record) then your CV will get you interviewed. If the CV isn’t working, you won’t be getting interviewed so something has to change.


It stands to reason that your CV should be easy to read. If this web page wasn’t professionally laid out using clear colours, fonts and formatting then you wouldn’t be reading it. Your CV needs to be neatly laid out, easy to read in a clear font of at least 10 point (preferably 11) and most importantly free from spelling and grammatical errors.

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In our Candidate FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) you will find the answers to the most common questions asked of the of the Akorn Recruitment team.

This could be for any number of reasons, sometimes clients are specific about industry sector experience, for example they might have told us that they only want to see candidates with telecommunications industry experience. It could also be that based on the information that we hold on you we don’t think that you would be interested for example, if you told us that you were looking for a minimum of £25K and the vacancy is paying £22K. If in doubt then please call and we can double check.

YES, you can apply and be put forward for as many roles as we deem you suitable for. If you get an offer from more than one client the decision will be yours as to which one you accept.

Akorn Recruitment is a reputable recruitment agency with many years experience in the sectors that we cover. We have in-depth market knowledge and will therefore be aware of many vacancies that are not advertised in the press or through other agencies. We also manage your application and will liaise with the client on your behalf. Akorn Recruitment can also give CV feedback, interview advice and negotiate salaries at offer stage.

NO, we will never do this, we only present your details to a client after we have spoken to you about the vacancy, the company and received your permission to do so.

NO, we screen all applications and call suitable applicants to discuss the role and make them aware who the end employer is.

We acknowledge all applications via e-mail, if we think that you are suitable for the role then we will contact you to discuss the role within 3 working days. If we have not contacted you by then it could be that we felt you were unsuitable for the role or that we have not received your CV.

Please check your email to see if you have received our automated response, which confirms that we have received the CV. If you really think that you are suitable and we have got it wrong then please give us a call and we will explain our decision, CV’s can be very ambiguous and we can make mistakes as well.

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