Job Interview Advice

How to prepare for that first interview


Make sure that you are clear about the role that you are being interviewed for.

Confirm the time / location and try and establish who will be interviewing you.

It is always a good idea to take a dry run, just to take the pressure off finding the company on the interview day.

Leave in plenty of time, try and report to reception at least 10-15 minutes before the start time.

Research as much as you can about the company before the interview – take some notes so that you can review in the car prior to going in.

Dress code should be formal business attire, including a tie for gentlemen, unless specifically advised by the company.

Know your own CV – it’s likely that the interviewer will use this as a basis for his/her questions; you should also take at least one copy of it with you.

Try and be positive during the interview and avoid negative comments about your current employer.

prepare for that first interview


You should take the following items (placing these in a smart business folder can create a good first impression).

• Map / Directions
• Telephone Number of company (in the event you are running late or lost)
• Names of interviewers
• Pen / Paper
• Two copies of your CV
• List of questions that you would like to ask (see below).


If asked to wait in reception, scan the area for press cuttings or notices that might prove useful during the interview.

On meeting the interviewer remember to make eye contact, smile and offer a firm handshake. During the interview remain focused at all times and make sure that your body language is giving a good impression.

After the interview is finished – it’s a good idea to offer another firm handshake with eye contact and thank everybody for taking the time to meet with you.


Review the following questions and think about the answers that you would give.

KILLER QUESTION: Why are you looking to leave your current role? (This question has tripped up many an experienced candidate). Try and keep the answer to this question positive whilst trying to be as honest as possible. It is not ideal to criticise your boss or current employer too heavily. Try and focus on positive reasons like enhanced career opportunities / stability.


• Tell me about yourself.
• Why do you want this job?
• What are your long-term aims?
• What can you bring to this job/company
• What are your strengths/weaknesses?
• What do you enjoy most/least?
• What’s your greatest achievement so far?
• What would you like to be better at?
• How would your colleagues describe you?
• Why should we give you this job?
• What attracted you to this company?
• What do you know about our business?
• How would you fit in with our culture?
• What do you think the most important qualities for this job are?


Good example questions:

• Can you describe a typical day?
• What training does the company offer?
• What kind of opportunities are there for development in the company?
• I read about your new product/take-over of/new order for/plans to…
• Can you tell me more about that?

Questions to avoid!

• How many sick days do I get?
• When will I get a pay rise?
• What is your grievance procedure?


In our Candidate FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) you will find the answers to the most common questions asked of the of the Akorn Recruitment team.

This could be for any number of reasons, sometimes clients are specific about industry sector experience, for example they might have told us that they only want to see candidates with telecommunications industry experience. It could also be that based on the information that we hold on you we don’t think that you would be interested for example, if you told us that you were looking for a minimum of £25K and the vacancy is paying £22K. If in doubt then please call and we can double check.

YES, you can apply and be put forward for as many roles as we deem you suitable for. If you get an offer from more than one client the decision will be yours as to which one you accept.

Akorn Recruitment is a reputable recruitment agency with many years experience in the sectors that we cover. We have in-depth market knowledge and will therefore be aware of many vacancies that are not advertised in the press or through other agencies. We also manage your application and will liaise with the client on your behalf. Akorn Recruitment can also give CV feedback, interview advice and negotiate salaries at offer stage.

NO, we will never do this, we only present your details to a client after we have spoken to you about the vacancy, the company and received your permission to do so.

NO, we screen all applications and call suitable applicants to discuss the role and make them aware who the end employer is.

We acknowledge all applications via e-mail, if we think that you are suitable for the role then we will contact you to discuss the role within 3 working days. If we have not contacted you by then it could be that we felt you were unsuitable for the role or that we have not received your CV.

Please check your email to see if you have received our automated response, which confirms that we have received the CV. If you really think that you are suitable and we have got it wrong then please give us a call and we will explain our decision, CV’s can be very ambiguous and we can make mistakes as well.

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